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Master Thesis: Fertilizer recovery from ammonia-containing waste streams from meat processing via membrane distillation


AEE - Institute for Sustainable Technologies (AEE INTEC) is a non-university research institute founded in 1988. Activities:

  • Basic and applied research
  • National and international R&D projects
  • Cooperation with universities, FHs, other research institutions and industry

AEE INTEC works in the areas of "solar thermal energy applications", "sustainable buildings", and "industrial processes and energy systems".

Research Project

The master thesis is part of the ongoing research project "Ammonia-to-Power" i.e.  energy recovery from ammonia rich waste streams using Vacuum Membrane Distillation (VMD) and ammonia Fuel Cell. AEE INTEC is the project coordinator; other partners in the project are AVL List GmbH and TU Graz (IWT).
Large quantities of ammonia are bound in various residues such as production wastewater, municipal wastewater or digestate. Due to lack of efficient recovery technologies, the hydrogen energy contained in them is lost. The aim of the project is to develop a membrane distillation process for the efficient production of ammonia from liquid based waste streams to enable an energetic utilization of the ammonia in a fuel cell.

Master Thesis

The tasks of the master thesis include:

  • Carrying out (under supervision) laboratory tests with different waste streams
  • Membrane fouling characterization and cleaning experiments
  • Data treatment and scientific analysis
  • Assistance in development of a simulation model for ammonia extraction
  • Technoeconomic Assessment of the potential of the technolog

Your Profile

  • Solution oriented, creative, independent and reliable way of working
  • Basic knowledge in thermodynamics (energy & mass balances)
  • Basic programming skills (Excel, Matlab, etc.)
  • Presence required at the institute in Gleisdorf (Austria)

We Provide

  • Paid Master's thesis with active involvement in an ongoing research project
  • Supervision by experienced staff, competent technical support

Timeframe: 6 months, from September/October 2020

Contact: Christian Platzer, Tel. 03112-5886-522, c.platzer@aee.at / Dr. Elena Guillen-Burrieza, Tel. 03112 5886- 458, e.guillen@aee.at