Our topics

Industrial Processes and Energy Systems

The research group “Industrial Processes and Energy Systems – IPE” provides solutions for reducing overall energy consumption as well as emissions of greenhouse gases in industry.

This is done through the development and optimization of processes and energy efficient production systems by an efficient use of recourses on the technological as well as on the process level and with a desired energy supply fully covered through renewable energy sources.

The research group IPE considers itself to be the first contact for the realisation and implementation of innovative concepts for national and international operating companies, where methods and tools for the development of these concepts are supplied.

For the aim of a zero-emission production, the group is specialized for three main sectors:

  •  Energy efficiency and heat storage concepts for industrial processes
  •  Solar heat and renewable energy integration for producing industries
  •  Process intensification (PI) and process optimization for a production with reduced material and energy costs.


Tu. 4. Apr. 17

„Fernwärme der Zukunft“ - der Beitrag der Solarthermie zur Wärmewende

Venue: FH CAMPUS 02, Körblergasse 126, 8010 Graz

Organiser: AEE INTEC, Stmk. Landesregierung, S.O.L.I.D.

25. - 27. Apr. 17

GREENFOODS - Training - Wien, 25 - 27. April 2017

Venue: Fachverband der Lebensmittelindustrie, Zaunergasse 1-3, 1030 Wien

Organiser: AEE INTEC

28. - 29. Apr. 17

21. Internationale Passivhaustagung 2017

Venue: Messe Wien, Congress Center | Wien, Österreich