Our topics

Thermal Energy Technologies and Hybrid Systems

Solar thermal systems are playing a main part in a future sustainable energy supply based on renewable energy sources. Experts estimate the potential of Solar thermal up to the year 2050 in Austria and Europe with a solar fraction on the whole low temperature heat demand (<250°C) of up to 50%.

The AEE INTEC research group ‘Thermal Energy Technologies and Hybrid Systems’ works in cooperation with industry partners and other research institutes on the further development of single components, as well as solutions for solar thermal systems.  This should encourage the development of the predicted market potentials.  Furthermore, know how transfer and application plays an important role for a wider implementation of the technology with high quality.

Main Topics:

  • Development and evaluation of absorbers, collectors and collector fields in connection with adapted calculation models (hydraulic and thermal) plus an outdoor test rig
  • Development and evaluation of further essential components like, for example, heat storage, heat storage insulation, hydraulic stations, drain back units, stagnation chiller etc.
  • Integration of new materials (e.g. polymers) in solar thermal systems, with focus on cost decreases and efficiency increases.
  • Development of system solutions to achieve a high solar fraction (from 50% to 100%) for domestic hot water and space heating
  • Development of new system solutions for large solar thermal plants in connection with heat grids, industrial processes and thermal driven chillers
  • Know how transfer and standardization




Tu. 4. Apr. 17

„Fernwärme der Zukunft“ - der Beitrag der Solarthermie zur Wärmewende

Venue: FH CAMPUS 02, Körblergasse 126, 8010 Graz

Organiser: AEE INTEC, Stmk. Landesregierung, S.O.L.I.D.

25. - 27. Apr. 17

GREENFOODS - Training - Wien, 25 - 27. April 2017

Venue: Fachverband der Lebensmittelindustrie, Zaunergasse 1-3, 1030 Wien

Organiser: AEE INTEC

28. - 29. Apr. 17

21. Internationale Passivhaustagung 2017

Venue: Messe Wien, Congress Center | Wien, Österreich