AEE – Institute for Sustainable Technologies (AEE  INTEC) was founded in 1988 as an independent research association and is now one of the leading institutes for applied research in the fields of solar thermal energy, low-energy and zero energy buildings as well as in energy efficiency in industry. Besides these energy related topics also sustainable water management is a focus areas.

AEE INTEC is  located in Gleisdorf, Austria, which is about 150 km south west of Vienna and 20 km east of the city of Graz.

The core activities are the sustainable use of energy and resources and the development of components, systems and strategies that enable the quick and widespread use of renewable energy sources and energy efficient technologies.

Within these scopes the projects of AEE INTEC range from developing and testing prototypes, to initiating, monitoring and analysing of pilot and demonstration plants as well as  consulting, know-how transfer, training and supervising numerous theses.

At present approximately 50 persons are employed at AEE INTEC. Approximately 40 of these hold permanent positions. With 2 - 3 PHD Students, 5 to 10 master (thesis) students as well as interns, the institute contributes to education and training.

AEE INTEC is integrated into a network of national and international co-operation. Among others, it is a member of the European Renewable Energy Research Centers Agency (EUREC) and the European Technology Platform for Renewable Heating and Cooling.

Organisational structur of the AEE INTEC:

Board members
Robert Hausner
Prof. Dr. Reinhold W. Lang
Johannes Pöllinger
Rosa Magdalena Stranzl
Christoph Brunner
Christoph Stark
Prof. Dr. Hans Schnitzer

Managing directors
Ewald Selvicka
Werner Weiss

Scientific advisory board
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Faninger
Prof. Dr. Reinhold W. Lang
Dr. Erich Podesser
Kurt Pollak
Prof. August Raggam
Prof. Dr. Stefan Schleicher
Prof. Dr. Hans Schnitzer
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Streicher
Dr. Stephan Schwarzer

Education and training

AEE INTEC organises excursions, seminars, conferences and symposiums to all areas of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

One main activity is the publishing of the magazine "erneuerbare energie", which is published for the umbrella organisation AEE. Each edition comprehensively deals with a main subject and thereby gives a wide overview of the state of the art of the application, operation experiences and new developments.

AEE INTEC is member of the AEE-Dachverband

Research and Development

During the last 10 years has AEE INTEC considerably contributed to the development of solar thermal system and its components in the framework of the national, European and international research projects.

Contractors for these projects are counties, federal ministries, the European Commission, the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation as well as the industry and business establishments

The scientific staff of AEE INTEC is also active within the scope of the "Solar Heating and Cooling Programme" and the “EBC Implementing Agreement” of the International Energy Agency (IEA), the European Renewable Energy Research Centre Agency (EUREC Agency), the European Technology Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling and the Austrian Standards Committee.


The work of AEE INTEC also includes consulting of policy, HVAC engineers, architects, building associations and communities for the realisation of projects. Studies, with technical and financial analyses are carried out as basis for decision support.

Furthermore companies and organisations are consulted and assisted at developments of new products. Also co-operation partners are arranged fort these companies.

Know-how transfer

Numerous know-how transfer projects on national and international level are carried out to spread the results of the research and development projects and practical experience gained by AEE INTEC as efficient as possible.

In recent years AEE INTEC has carried out know-how projects in Chile, China, Finland, France, Great Britain, Guatemala, Italy, Iran, Lithuania, Mozambique, Namibia, Nicaragua, Portugal, Saudi-Arabia, South Africa, Switzerland, the Slovakian Republic, Tanzania, Czech Republic, Uganda, Ukraine, Hungary and Zimbabwe.



Fr. 9. Jun. 17

1. Sonnenhaustagung - Bedeutung von Sonnenhäusern für die Energiewende

Venue: Wirtschaftskammer Österreich, Sky Lounge, Wiedner Hauptstraße 63, 1045 Wien

Organiser: Initiative Sonnenhaus Österreich, Austria Solar, AEE INTEC

25. - 27. Apr. 17

GREENFOODS - Training - Wien, 25 - 27. April 2017

Venue: Fachverband der Lebensmittelindustrie, Zaunergasse 1-3, 1030 Wien

Organiser: AEE INTEC

28. - 29. Apr. 17

21. Internationale Passivhaustagung 2017

Venue: Messe Wien, Congress Center | Wien, Österreich