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Master-Thesis: Simulation of a Thermo-Chemical Energy Storage System


AEE – Institute for Sustainable Technologies (AEE INTEC) is an independent research association which was founded in 1988. Currently over 60 employees from 8 different nations are working at   AEE INTEC. Furthermore, the institute regularly awards dissertations, master theses and internships.

The activities of AEE INTEC include:

  • fundamental as well as applied research
  • national and international R&D projects
  • cooperation with universities, technical colleges, other research facilities and industry

The three major departments of AEE INTEC are “Thermal Energy Technologies and Hybrid Systems”, “Buildings and Renovation” as well as “Industrial Processes and Energy Systems”.

Research Project

The European research project CREATE (http://www.createproject.eu/) is dedicated to the development of a seasonal thermochemical energy storage system with high energy storage densities for covering the heating demands of residential buildings. A seasonal, thermochemical storage is charged in summer with solar energy and discharged in winter for providing space heating and domestic hot water. For this purpose reversible thermochemical reactions are utilized. In particular, for our purposes (de)hydration reactions of salt (hydrates) are exploited. The developed storage system will be tested in the labs of AEE INTEC, and then be installed and monitored in a demo house.

The master’s work is dedicated to the numerical simulation of the thermochemical storage system. The modeling and simulation of the storage system serve to reveal important insights in how to design, develop and operate such a system. Furthermore, the simulation is used to optimize the system and its control.

Outline of the Master-Thesis

  • Simulation of the thermochemical storage system
  • Interpretation and presentation of the simulation results   
  • Optimization of thermal storage system for covering space heating loads in buildings

We expect…

  • Solution-focused, independent and motivated attitude to work
  • Knowledge in the fields of thermal engineering and numerical simulation
  • Interest in numerical studies of sustainable technologies

We offer...

  • Work on a master-thesis embedded in an international research-project, with remuneration
  • Supervision by experienced researchers and highly qualified technical support
  • Period: Starting October 2017, lasting for 6 months

Contact: Wim van Helden, phone +31 6 2014 3224, w.vanhelden@aee.at or Alexander Goritschnig,
phone +43 (0)3112 5886-256, a.goritschnig@aee.at