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Master Thesis Students

Portrait Basak   Falay B.Sc.

Basak Falay B.Sc.

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria 

Master thesis on: Framework for Dynamic Simulation and Optimization of District Heating Systems

Thesis advisior: Mag MA MA Gerald Schweiger

Portrait Teresa   Garstenauer B.Sc.

Teresa Garstenauer B.Sc.

Graz University of Technology

Master thesis on: Evaluation of Utilization Pathways for Ammonium-Nitrogen in Material Flows within a new Wastewater Treatment Concept

Thesis advisior: DI Judith Buchmaier

Portrait Veronika  Hierzer

Veronika Hierzer

University of Applied Sciences Burgenland

Master thesis on: Large solar thermal systems of the topic

Thesis advisior: Walter Becke

Portrait Reinhard   Hödl B.Sc.

Reinhard Hödl B.Sc.

Reinhard Hödl, B.Sc.

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Environment and Bio-Resources Management

Master thesis on: Development of solar thermal integration concepts in the automotive industry considering company-specific valuation methods

Thesis advisor: Jürgen Fluch

Portrait Heba Abdelalem   Abdelnabi Ibrahim B.Sc.

Heba Abdelalem Abdelnabi Ibrahim B.Sc.

Technische Universität Berlin, water engineering master programme.

Master thesis on: MD Gold project

Thesis advisor: Christian Platzer

Portrait Sunirmal   Mukherjee B.Sc.

Sunirmal Mukherjee B.Sc.

University of Kassel

Master thesis on: Analysis and evaluation of innovative solar- assisted heat supply concepts

Thesis advisior: Walter Becke

Portrait Krishna Prasadh   Rajagopal B.Sc.

Krishna Prasadh Rajagopal B.Sc.

University Of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

Master thesis on: Thermal storage – Simulation of a Thermochemical Energy Storage system.

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Alexander Goritschnig, Ph.D.

Portrait Michael  Reisenbichler B.Sc.

Michael Reisenbichler B.Sc.

University of Graz/Technical University of Graz

Master thesis on: System analysis, evaluation methods and simulation of large-scale solar thermal systems

Thesis advisior: Samuel Knabl